Our Local Products

Our Local Products

The farming tradition for which Brome Lake is known dates back over a hundred years. And what a joy it is to discover—and taste—local products in a picturesque rural setting, right on the farms where they were grown! While grain dominated in the 19th century, the variety and quality of today’s products may surprise you. For an authentic tour of local flavours, come and meet wine growers, stock breeders, fruit and vegetable farmers and arborists on the land or in their farm shops.

Welcome to duck country!

Start with duck, Brome Lake’s signature product. It all began in 1912, when American Henry Bates opened Canada’s first Peking duck farm to supply Chinese restaurants in Montréal. Today, the Brome Lake Ducks store is a regular stop for food lovers looking to stock up on delicious duck products. Continue your travels along the charming country roads, where you’ll find farms that raise rabbits, sheep, chickens, Angus and Wagyu cattle and alpacas.

The cradle of Québec’s wine industry

The town of Brome Lake is located on the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, the cradle of Québec winemaking. The fertile soil, the orientation of the slopes and the warm air from the lake are well suited to the many grape varieties you can taste at Léon Courville’s Domaine Les Brome.

Ripe for the picking

In summer, come and pick your favourite fruit: ripe, juicy apples and pears at Les Champs Vallons orchard, where you can also enjoy a picnic; scrumptious blueberries in August at Les Terroirs Tracey; golden-yellow sea buckthorn berries at Les Argousiers de Lac Brome; and deep-purple elderberries at Vitalité Sureau. It isn’t hard to load up on delicious flavours and vitamins in Brome Lake!

End your gourmet tour in Knowlton, at the farmers’ market, where you can choose from other popular local fare like maple products, organic fruits and veggies, lamb, wild mushrooms, jams, fresh juices and fresh-baked bread. Bon appétit!