Feel like a little getaway?

Feel like a little getaway?

What better way to enjoy Brome Lake than a walk in the woods? Explore our trails and discover our remarkable landscapes
Welcome to Louise Penny’s village

Douglass Beach, a dream place to enjoy Brome lake

This beautiful sandy beach is the perfect swimming destination in Brome Lake. Located near the heart of the village of Knowlton, it offers safe swimming, a picnic area overlooking the water, a canteen and access to walking trails.
In the footsteps of history

Country-style Picnics

This summer, enjoy a picnic basket filled with local products and eat it directly from the producer, in the heart of an enchanting setting.

In the footsteps of history

Our magnificent Victorian homes have so many stories to tell. Step back in time with one of our history tours and hear them for yourself!


Make the Lake Your Playground!

With a surface area of 14.6 km2 and a circumference of over 23 km, Brome Lake is an immense playground offering recreational boating, swimming and lots of other year-round fun. It’s…

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Beauty, it's in our nature

A majestic lake, bucolic landscapes, a rich architectural heritage and authentic villages full of historic charm … Brome Lake is an outstanding destination to discover and a unique spot to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Brome Lake is beautiful. Naturally.

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Faire danser un village - Lac-Brome

Visionnez cette vidéo et vous serez immédiatement transportés en plein cœur de Lac-Brome, Québec, Canada. Venez découvrir nos paysages et nos attraits à travers la joie de vivre de nos résidents. Planifier un séjour parmi nous !Watch this video and you will immediately be taken to the heart of Brome Lake in Quebec, Canada. Discover our landscapes and our attractions through the ‘‘joie de vivre ‘‘ of our residents. Come visit us!

Posted by Tourisme Lac-Brome on Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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