Lac-Brome under the autumn skies

Fall in Lac-Brome is gorgeous. The trees are adorned with a thousand colours, the paths reveal themselves over the course of the fragrant forest, the lake is all shades of gray, white and blue. This is the perfect time for a host of activities, both outdoors and indoors!

Walking Paths
Lac-Brome offers a network of wooded trails with enchanting landscapes. Either in the middle of the forest or walking along the lake, you will enjoy varied panoramas right in the middle of nature. Several signs show you the different access points in town and you will find a detailed map on our website.

Royal Tea at Domaine Jolivent
What’s more comforting than a delicious hot tea, accompanied by scones, canapés and other sweet treats? If you add champagne, this is the ultimate fall experience. Domaine Jolivent, which recently went through a beautiful makeover, offers a Royal Tea experience every Monday, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. For more information, please visit their Facebook page or their website.

Théâtre Lac-Brome
A beautiful theatre with a varied bilingual program, Théâtre Lac-Brome does not disappoint once again this autumn. Over the next few weeks, on stage will be a clown show, the Foutoukours, comedian Sylvain Larocque, jazz revelation Dominique Fils-Aimé, and Help!, The famous group tribute to the Beatles. Visit the theatre’s website for all the details and to purchase your tickets.

Brome County Historical Society
Brome County Museum is a little gem for all fans of aviation and history. It has one of the last three copies of the famous Fokker DVII, a plane used by the Germans during the First World War and still shines with its original splendour. This fall and until February 2020, you will also be able to admire its latest exhibition, The long road home, which explores the hardships encountered by Canadian soldiers when returning home after the First World War. For more information, visit the museum’s website.

Virgin Hill Coffee
Existing for 20 years, Virgin Hill Coffee is certainly in place to discover in Lac-Brome. Come visit its new premises and discover their delicious caffeinated menu: cappuccino, latte, flat white, you will certainly find something you need among their refined selection and the latest trends. Do you have some time in front of you during your stay? Why not take part in one of their workshops to learn the art of roasting or to enjoy a tasting?

The Antique Circuit
Brome Lake’s Antique Circuit is very popular with lovers of antiques and vintage items, collectors of rarities, bargain hunters and treasure seekers. This pleasant tour will take you to a dozen antique and vintage shops on the 15-km stretch of roads between Knowlton and West Brome.

Follow our map and hunt for unique finds like antique furniture, jewellery, pottery, porcelain, glassware, toys, period artworks and collectibles. You can do part of the circuit on foot, in the village of Knowlton, then continue by car to West Brome for hours of enjoyment in any weather and any season! You can pick up the circuit map at the Brome Lake Welcome Centre and in many Brome Lake shops.