Brome Lake: A Prime Destination for Amazing Finds from the Past

The Eastern Townships is an area known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, which is why it’s a go-to for amazing antique and second-hand shops. Are you searching for hidden wonders and treasures from the past? Brome Lake is the perfect place for collectors of rare pieces.

The village of Knowlton has always been a favourite for antique shops and lovers of their finds alike. The antique and second-hand stores in many of the area’s towns are worth the trip too, like in West Brome for example.

Steeped in the customs of their ancestors, the townships’ anglophone inhabitants are known for being top-notch curators and collectors. Enthusiasm for antiques is a traditional part of the heritage from English customs that has spread through both the Francophone and Anglophone communities.

Brome Lake’s antique shops set themselves apart not only because of the quality and rareness of the pieces you’ll find but also due to their high concentration. There are 15 antique and second-hand shops in the Brome Lake antique circuit, and they’re a must when you come to town!

The circuit’s reputation was built thanks to the authenticity of its shops. “All unique in their own way, they complement each other and have a wide variety on offer for visitors,” explains Ghislaine Lebel, the owner of Antiquité Lebel Objet and initiator of the circuit project. Actually, the fact that a large number of antique shops are located within such a small distance makes for an amazing community that shares a common passion.

This interest is also increasingly shared by younger generations. “This new clientele is looking for longer-lasting, unique and eco-friendly furniture and accessories, at the disadvantage of traditional Swedish furniture,” adds Ms. Lebel. Whether you’re a history buff or vintage décor lover, there’s something for everyone!

Do you want to see more? You can have hours of fun exploring this list of Brome Lake’s antique and second-hand shops!

Click here to get your hands on the map of the Brome Lake antique shop circuit. Enjoy your finds!