A Day in the World of Louise Penny

Louise Penny, author, has been wreaking havoc in the literary world since the publication of her first novel Still Life in 2006. His books have been translated and published in more than 20 languages, have been featured on the New York Times’s sales charts and have introduced thousands of readers around the world to Brome Lake and the Eastern Townships. To celebrate the release of A Better Man, the 15th book in the Armand Gamache Inquiry Series, next August, I invite you into Inspector Gamache’s world with a fantastic self-guided (and free!) walking tour in Knowlton.

Stop #1: Brome Lake Books

Independent bookstores have been popular in recent years and this is no exception! For 20 years, the owners have attracted locals and visiting bibliophiles with its wide range of books in English: novels, essays, art books, cookery books, children’s books. Livres Lac-Brome is also a favourite place for Louise Penny fans, not only to purchase one of the author’s many novels, but to admire and analyze this place, which was described in the novel How the Light Gets In. It’s impossible for me not to leave the bookstore empty-handed! It is also possible to obtain on site the Three Pines map describing the many places that inspired the settings and stories of the famous literary series. 45 Lakeside Road, Knowlton

Stop #2: Brome County Museum

Then I like to walk to the Brome County Museum, a nice five-minute walk, where you can admire the painting Fair Day painted by the character Jane Neal in Still Life. This work was produced by a local artist for the filming of the CBC TV movie Still Life. I also like to take this opportunity to contemplate and analyze the seven buildings and the permanent collection of ancient treasures for which the Museum is renowned. 130 Lakeside Road, Knowlton

Stop #3: Knowlton’s Gourmet Pleasures

In the novel The Brutal Telling, Louise Penny refers to a bistro in one of the chapters. The heart of the village of Knowlton is full of charming restaurants and cafés which, just like in the book, offer milk coffee and croissants or offer us to relax with a good glass of wine or scotch. The foodie in me is fulfilled! You will certainly fall in love with these gourmet places that share a common denominator: a warm atmosphere that will make you want to come back to Knowlton! These three emblematic places will allow you to discover one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec with a completely different perspective while reconnecting with Louise Penny and her mythical characters who keep us on our toes, novel after novel.

Enjoy your visit!




Stéphanie Chicoine

Epicurean, music lover and communications enthusiast, Stéphanie has more than eight years of experience in blog writing (See, Bang Bang Bang, Magog-Orford Harvest Festival). She loves the Brome-Missisquoi region for its mountains, its Wine Route and its gourmet delights.