Spotlight on our Antique shops

Lac-Brome, paradise for Antique and Vintage Collectors!

Curiosity from Chapeau Melon

Lac Brome has always been a popular destination for Antiques and Vintage lovers!  Just in the area we count thirteen antique and vintage shops and a glass blower workshop which upcycle used bottles. Also four times per summer, on every third Sunday of May, June, July and September, you can visit the Antique and Craft Market from Brome County Historical Society.

Partnership between an antique dealer and Tourism Lac-Brome 

To attract more vintage and antique collectors, we have teamed up with Ghislaine Lebel from Antiquité Lebel Objet to create The Antique Shop Circuit (PDF), which includes a map to help visitors start their hunt for unique objects to decorate their homes or cottage. The idea was hers. Before moving to Knowlton, she had another antique store. To promote her store and the five others in the area, she had printed postcards. Five years after, people were still coming to her shop with the card in their purse. She thought it would be a great idea to do the same thing in Knowlton. The Tourism office loved the idea and decided to work with her to promote not only the ones in Knowlton but also all the antique stores of Lac Brome, including three in West Brome. The map is small enough to fit in a wallet and shows you how to find the stores and the roads to get there.

Members of Antique Shop Circuit 

Here are the fourteen  antique and vintage shops part of the circuit:

How to find out what’s new at your Antique and Vintage shops. 

To be updated on the latest findings, Ghislaine Lebel has also created a Facebook page for the Circuit des antiquaires to get an idea of some of the interesting furniture and objects you will be able to find in the various stores. 

Come spend a day or two to explore the Antique Shop Circuit. You will certainly fall in love with some treasures along the way and bring back an object with its stories from the Eastern Townships back home!

Here is a sample of what you might find along the road:

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